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How Common Is Sexual Dysfunction in Men?

how common is sexual dysfunction in men disorders problems

Youth is wasted on the young, they say.

The energy, muscles, ambition, and sexual vigor that we enjoy when we’re younger only ever seems fleeting after the fact. Most of us go through our teens, 20s, and 30s blissfully unaware that life can and will change drastically—in many unforeseen and unwelcome ways.

None of these changes are perhaps more feared and misunderstood by men than sexual dysfunction.As we age, our bodies naturally adapt based on predetermined biological needs. Beginning at puberty, our testosterone fully ramps up; turning us into the adult men we are meant to be. Once we reach our third decade however, adrenal production of our favorite hormone begins to wane, and with it, some of the things we take for granted.

Taking their place are several kinds of common sexual dysfunctions, including:

Each has their own causes and treatments—and all are unwelcome in our bedrooms. What should be of some consolation however, is that men experiencing these ailments are far from alone.

In fact, sexual dysfunction in men—particularly those who are older—is more prevalent than you might imagine. This is positive news, as this means there is a wealth of knowledge that you can take advantage of when it comes to prevention and treatment.

What Causes the Most Common Types of Sexual Dysfunction in Men?

The most common kinds of sexual dysfunctions have a great many contributing factors behind them. These range from lowered testosterone levels to high blood pressure, and even mental illnesses.

Physical factors like unhealthy living habits, obesity, diabetes, and heightened cholesterol levels all have an effect on your body’s blood flow. Proper blood flow in the genital region is essential to achieving and maintaining an erection.

Outside factors like prescription medications can also cause sexual dysfunction in men, as it is estimated that about 25% of ED is medication-related—with blood pressure medications being the most common culprit.

On top of the physical considerations, there are also psychological elements that play a role in sexual disorders in men. Anxiety over your performance is one of the most common, but relationship or marital issues can have an outsized effect as well.

Depression has shown a strong link to ED—and vice versa—and cumulative stress from work, financial, family, or home concerns can be a large hurdle to overcome when attempting to relax and enjoy yourself and your partner.

Are Sexual Disorders in Men Common?

sexual disorders and male sex problems statistics

When all of the potential causes are considered, it becomes a little easier to understand why sexual dysfunctions are so prevalent. They’re nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed of—rather, they should be seen as minor, fixable pot holes in the road of life. It is important to remember that you are not alone.

In fact, recent estimates peg the number at roughly half of all men over 40 across the United States are affected by erectile dysfunction. Across all ages, as many as one in ten men will likely experience ED at least once in their lives.

Unsurprisingly, the older you, the more likely it is that you will encounter ED or some other sexual dysfunction. Men over 40 are about three times as likely to encounter erectile dysfunction than those who are younger, and as many as half of men over the age of 50 are affected.

However, other forms of sexual dysfunction can appear while still in your prime. For example, premature ejaculation is much more common in younger men who often seek out premature ejaculation exercises. Habitual smoking of cigarettes and abuse of illicit drugs were also found to be factors of ED in younger men.

Clearly, sexual dysfunctions don’t discriminate, and can occur at nearly any point in our lives based on a myriad of influences.

How Can Male Sexual Dysfunction Be Treated?

male sexual dysfunction treatment

As mentioned above, a bit of silver lining behind how common male sexual dysfunctions have become, are the various treatment options and guidelines now available. It may not surprise you to learn that the best remedies stem from the establishment of healthier habits. Lowering your weight and blood pressure both go a long way toward fighting ED, and can be accomplished through relatively minor changes to your diet and exercise routines.

On the other side of the spectrum, practicing breathing exercises to relieve stress, or considering individual or couples counseling have also proven to help men and their partners get back on track.

One thing that cannot be stressed enough however, is to speak with a qualified medical professional before attempting to diagnose or treat sexual dysfunction on your own. As your physician, they’ve heard it all, and will want to help you. An experienced doctor can take blood samples which will test your testosterone levels, and may recommend Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) or Acoustic Wave Therapy, which can help stimulate blood flow.

Request a Consultation For Help Beating Common Sexual Dysfunctions

Premier Men’s Medical Center is Orlando’s foremost health clinic specializing in helping men of any age prevent and treat sexual dysfunctions and ejaculatory problems. Ours is a simple and straightforward 4-step process:

  1. Schedule an appointment
  2. Confidential consultation
  3. Explanation of treatment options
  4. Execution of treatment plan

Our qualified medical experts will personalize your unique treatment based on your biological, physical, and emotional needs, with the goal of helping you to reclaim your sex life. To learn more about how you can get started, contact us today.

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