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Lose Weight The Healthy Way

Obesity has become a serious and growing problem in the U.S. and in many nations worldwide.

In the United States, new statistics are shocking: Over 67% of adult men and 62% of adult women are considered obese or at risk for obesity. This is creating innumerable health issues in our society, with rising rates in men of type 2 diabetes, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, heart disease, stroke, and prostate / colon cancers, as well as other concerns.

The weight loss industry earns billions of dollars every year in the U.S. alone with sales of prepackaged meals, weight loss shakes, “magic pill” weight loss supplements, “fat burner” teas, exercise videos, and books about the newest “instant weight loss” fads. But the problems faced by men suffering obesity are not going to be cured by a stimulant pill or fad diet.

With a staggering annual death toll of over 300,000 related specifically to obesity, and the knowledge that an obese person’s life expectancy is significantly reduced – shortened by as much as 20 years – we must take serious action. We must treat obesity as the medical issue that it is and make informed, intelligent, long-term lifestyle changes to see results.

Men’s Weight Loss Center in Orlando, FL

Due to our differing physiologies, men and women must often take different approaches to weight loss to be successful in losing fat, gaining muscle, and maintaining a healthy weight. At Premier Men’s Medical Center, you have access to health professionals who understand the unique weight loss needs of men, and who will consider your individual lifestyle and health concerns to help you be successful.

Premier Men’s Medical’s clinic-based weight loss programs offer you focused, structured nutrition and weight management skill development. You will receive personalized nutritional advice and meal plans from our health professionals, and participate in a program of coaching, practice, and feedback with our behavioral health specialists to learn proven strategies for taking off the pounds and keeping them off in a healthy manner.

Personalized Health Assessments and Medical Supervision

At the beginning of your custom weight loss program, you will meet with a physician for a complete health assessment. Your physician will take a survey of your medical history, and perform a risk appraisal to establish your best routes to healthy, sustainable weight loss. Those with underlying health conditions will receive medical supervision and ongoing health assessments during the weight loss process, to monitor all pertinent health metrics such as blood sugar levels, liver function, blood pressure, and both good and bad cholesterol levels. Assessments and health monitoring will vary according to the medical condition of the patient.

Experience Health Advantages with Medically Based Weight Loss

Men experiencing a wide range of health problems will benefit substantially from medically-supervised weight loss. Your weight may be putting you at greater risk for a heart attack, contributing to your body’s resistance to insulin, or increasing symptoms of metabolic syndrome in a number of different ways. Adding to the problem is the fact that excess weight can severely reduce your mobility, putting strain on your cardiovascular system and joints and making it difficult to get enough effective exercise. At Premier Men’s Medical Center, we can devise a detailed, easy-to-follow plan to get you moving, eating more nutritiously, and improving your health.

Losing weight through nutrition and exercise can help you in many ways, including:

  • Reducing reliance upon insulin
  • Reducing blood pressure medication reliance
  • Reducing risk of stroke or heart attack
  • Improving liver function
  • Regulating blood sugar levels
  • Boosting confidence
  • Increasing energy levels

Take a Proactive Approach to Health and Fitness

Men experience weight gain for various reasons. Overeating and serious medical conditions top the list of factors contributing to weight gain, but excess weight may also be caused by stress, anxiety and depression, andropause, thyroid issues, environmental toxins, and medications.

No matter what combination of factors have contributed to your weight gain, you can take back control of your life with our proven methods based on metabolic and health assessments, close medical supervision, behavioral adjustments, nutritional education, exercise, and accountability. Take a proactive clinical approach to losing those excess pounds with the physicians at Premier Men’s Medical.

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