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Personalized Medical Treatment Programs

At Premier Men’s Medical Center, our personalized medicine treatment programs include an overall health assessment.

This is done by a specially trained physician, and includes diagnostic testing to determine biologic information that can help predict the risk for a variety of health problems – as well as how a patient may respond to treatments.

These specialized diagnostic tests augment the traditional means of assessing health risks and treatment outcomes based only on age, medical history, and conventional medical practices. From our specialists’ analysis of assessments and test results, our physicians can then recommend a customized treatment solution for your unique health issues.

STEP 1: Overall Health Assessment

  • Meet with a specially trained Premier Men’s Medical Center physician
  • Thorough physical examination
  • Discussion of medical history and lifestyle
  • Consultation regarding symptoms and desired outcomes

STEP 2: Diagnostic Testing

  • Comprehensive  tests to determine biologic information
  • Helps predict risk of certain health problems and probable response to treatments

STEP 3: Specialized Physician’s Assessment of Test Results

  • Results analyzed
  • Results related to unique patient information and desired outcomes

STEP 4: Recommended Customized Treatment Solutions

  • Physician will base recommendations on all personalized diagnostics and in-depth consultation with patient

STEP 5: Regular Follow-up and Treatment Adjustment

  • Scheduled follow-up appointments
  • Follow-up diagnostic tests
  • Adjustment of treatment if needed
  • Avoiding the “One-Size-Fits-All” approach

Too often, today’s physicians prescribe drugs by trial and error and base treatment suggestions on a one-size-fits-all approach. But not everyone responds to a medicine or a medical treatment in the same way. Some patients may experience little to no effect from a particular treatment protocol, or may suffer serious side effects. Personalized medicine helps to predict the most effective therapy with the fewest side effects for individual patients, improving the quality of care and decreasing overall healthcare costs at the same time. Better diagnoses, earlier interventions, more-efficient drug therapies, and customized treatment plans are the promises of our personalized medicine treatment program.

Our individualized approach to men’s health care is comprised of curative, rehabilitative and preventive treatment methods customized for each individual client. We offer our patients holistic and integrative treatment options, starting with understanding the multidimensional interaction of age, genetic background, environmental factors, and lifestyle – all which vary largely from patient to patient. Advanced diagnostic testing has created innovative opportunities to tailor health care solutions to each of our patients’ unique needs.

Premier Men’s Medical Center’s custom treatment programs are:

  • Personalized – Taking into account each patient’s unique medical profile and diagnostic results
  • Preventative – Anticipating health problems based on individual health assessments and diagnostic tests, and focusing on the pursuit of wellness
  • Predictive – Directing appropriate treatments based on personal diagnostics, and avoiding adverse treatment results or drug reactions.
  • Participatory – Empowering clients to take more responsibility for their own health and treatment.

Our Medical Concierge Service

With increased concerns regarding medication and possible side effects, and a growing mistrust of the traditional, impersonal medical system, patients want to be able to understand and participate in their own treatment plans. You want to be confident that the recommendations and therapies being suggested are the right ones for your individual health concerns, lifestyle, medical history, and physical condition. At Premier Men’s Medical Center, we have a team taking care of your health, and you are a crucial part of it. With our Medical Concierge service, our patients have access to trained medical specialists 24 hours a day for treatment support and questions. If you deem it necessary to see a specialized physician, we guarantee you will not have to wait, and will receive a same-day appointment to address your concerns.

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