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Patient Success Stories

Read about how Premier Men’s Medical Center has changed men’s lives for the better:

Testosterone Therapy Changed My Life!

I saw a commercial once about low testosterone and the symptoms were more like a checklist to what I was feeling the last few years of my life. Everything just seemed boring and there was a real lack of enjoyment and energy to do anything anymore. I swallowed my ego and went to Premier Men’s. The doctor not only treated me, but helped me understand how the body works and what I was taking. Fast forward two weeks and everything seems different.

I have the energy and this zest I have not had in maybe 15 years. My wife is blown away and I have come out being the husband on top of his game among our groups of friends. My body is even changing and I am in the gym more than I was when I was younger. I had no idea how much this treatment would change my life. Premier is the best men’s clinic in the Orlando area for testosterone treatment!* Mike H.
Pinellas Park, FL
Success Stories - Premier Men's Medical Center - 5-stars

A Premature Ejaculation Solution That Works!

From medications to exercises and books – I tried everything in the market for my condition and nothing seemed to work. I came to terms with this and just accepted it is who I am. When I heard about Premier Men’s Medical Center, I was really curious and wanted to try them out, but was embarrassed about even picking up the phone and making an appointment. As soon as I got there, the staff put me at ease and my level of comfort only increased from there. On my first visit my condition seemed to have changed with a single treatment.

I now walk with my head higher, chest out and a level of confidence I never felt before. I find it easy to ask anyone out and am not hesitant or concerned if a date is going great and she asks me if I want to go back to her place. This has changed my life. The only regret I have is that I didn’t find this 10 years ago.* Jerry L.
Davis Island, FL
Success Stories - Premier Men's Medical Center - 5-stars

HGH Therapy Treatments Gave Me Back My Youth!

The doctors at Premier Men’s Medical Center really helped me understand how everything works and what I was taking. This gave me the knowledge and confidence to take the steps in starting HGH Therapy. Looking back, I can say this has changed my life in every way possible. I used to think what I was feeling was just part of getting old. I know now that it doesn’t have to be. Premier Men’s Medical Center helped me regain my youth.* Raymond S.
Tampa, FL
Success Stories - Premier Men's Medical Center - 5-stars

Weight Loss Programs You Can Follow!

I cannot count the amount of quick weight loss magic pills and extreme diets I tried before coming to you guys. I’ve just passed the 100 lbs mark and am only 20 lbs away from hitting my goal. Your weight loss plan was made specifically for me. Not only that, but you’ve given me the tools to change my lifestyle and make sure the person I see in the mirror is permanent. Thank you for changing my life.* Brandon T.
Saint Petersburg, FL
Success Stories - Premier Men's Medical Center - 5-stars

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