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Frequently Asked Questions

Can this be done over the phone?

Premier Men’s Medical Center complies with legal regulations and must insist that patients visit our location and see us before treatment. This also helps us build a relationship with our patients, so we can determine the proper medical applications and/or solutions to ensure success.

Will I need to be seen by a doctor?

All patients must be seen and examined by one of our men’s center physicians. After a patient has gone through a consultation and exam, a treatment plan and prescription may be implemented. Our programs and plans are effective, but we believe in assessing and diagnosing each patient personally so the treatment is safe and accurate.

Does seeing one of your doctors qualify me for treatment?

Our Men’s Center will only treat patients after testing confirms there is a need for medical treatment. If levels are normal, there is a conflict with treatments, or a person is seeking medical treatment for non-medical reasons, Premier Men’s Medical Center will not be able to treat the individual.

Is hormone therapy safe?

Studies have shown time and again that hormone therapy is safe if done correctly. The Physicians at Premier Men’s Medical Center carefully monitor their patients and the programs they are on. We use the highest-quality bio-identical hormones and prescribe the accurate doses for each individual patient to achieve optimal hormonal health safely.

Can there be side effects to treatments?

There will always be the possibility of side effects with any program that employs medications. The physicians at Premier Men’s Medical Center carefully examine the risks and benefits. The chances of side effects are minimal due to prescribed doses that are meant to achieve healthy natural hormone levels.

At what age should a person consider hormone therapy?

The decline of hormone levels begins as early as the late 20s for men and women. A person may begin to start feeling the symptoms of decreased hormone levels by the age of 35. Most of our patients range from early 30s to late 50s and older. You should have yourself checked if you are experiencing loss of muscle, increased body fat, higher levels of fatigue, loss of sex drive, irritability, loss of sleep or other symptoms of low hormone levels.

Is hormone therapy like taking steroids?

Our patients’ hormone deficiencies are treated with bio-identical hormones that are engineered to work with how the body functions. We treat our patients to bring their hormone levels back to where they are safely determined best. Steroids easily abuse hormone levels and are a dangerous way to achieve an increase in muscle mass.

How does someone start?

Fill out the intake form or give us a call. One of our skilled and trained staff members will discuss your issues, needs and goals, and will happily answer your preliminary questions. From there, they will help you schedule an appointment with one of our physicians. The privacy of your visit is something that we take seriously. Once you arrive to our office, your comfort is our staff’s priority.

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