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What Causes Sexual Attraction?

What Causes Sexual Attraction

Do you feel a tug in your heart the moment you laid eyes on someone? Or have you felt an intense pull towards a person, whether it be from their physical attractiveness or some personality quirk?

These experiences are a testament to the captivating force known as sexual attraction.

Sexual attraction is an essential component of human nature, governing our instinctual desires and drawing us to people with sexually-appealing characteristics.

This phenomenon fuels our desire, romance, and the pursuit of potentially romantic and physical connections.

While sexual attraction is deeply personal and can vary from person to person, it’s influenced by a combination of biological and psychological factors.

Evolutionary biology suggests that sexual attraction is rooted in our instinctual drive for reproduction and the propagation of our genes.

That said, the complexity of sexual attraction runs much deeper than that. After all, about 7% of the US population—the LGBTQIA+ community, to be exact—have a sexual orientation that deviates from the heterosexual norm.

Whatever the case is for you, this article will help you understand sexual interest in more detail. Read on and let us dissect the myriad factors that contribute to the allure to sexual desire.

5 Factors That Influence Sexual Attraction

While some people can find someone attractive at first glance, others may be slow to start and find it difficult to determine whether they’re sexually attracted to a person or not.

With that in mind, here are five influential factors that can explain why you may be attracted to a certain individual.

1. Hormones and Arousal

Feelings can be complicated—and one famous study entitled the Love Bridge experiment provides intriguing insights into the surprisingly solid link between arousal and attraction.

This famous study involved 85 male participants crossing either a high, swaying suspension bridge or a stable bridge, with a conventionally attractive female interviewer waiting at the other end.

The interviewer was to perform an interview with the bridge crosser, and then without the knowledge of the participant, gave her number at the end of the interview.

From the study, it’s been revealed that those who were in heightened arousal (due to a spike in adrenaline) after crossing the dangerous bridge were more likely to call and make sexual advances with the interviewer than those who passed the sturdy bridge.

This is a prime example of misattribution of arousal, a phenomenon in which people mistakenly attribute something, or someone, as being the main cause of their arousal, when in fact they’re merely projecting their excitement towards them.

2. Physical Attractiveness and Scent

Have you ever stopped and wondered why you’re attracted to certain people? Or why society deems some people attractive, and others not?

Physical attractiveness, based on evolutionary biology, can sometimes be used to indicate a potential sexual partner’s health and fitness. This satisfies the natural human instinct to successfully procreate and extend the bloodline.

While physical attractiveness can be subjective, there are some traits that are associated with good health and genetic quality.

For men, heterosexual women find qualities that show their masculinity more attractive, like a sharp jaw and muscular bodies. For men, many qualities like facial symmetry and a good waist-to-hip ratio are attractive.

Another intriguing aspect of sexual attraction is their scent. Humans release pheromones—chemical substances that can evoke sexual interest or attraction.

Pheromones can influence our perception of someone’s attractiveness and may induce sexual arousal.

3. Personality and Psychology

hormones arousal attractiveness personality psychology social factors

Compatibility extends beyond developing an aesthetic attraction towards someone. It’s also important to enjoy the qualities of a person’s character, behavior, and psychological traits.

Certain personality traits are commonly associated with attractiveness, namely, confidence, sense of humor, intelligence, and kindness. Alignment of these qualities with each other’s values allows people to form strong emotional bonds and sexual feelings towards another person.

That said, some people may find different traits sexually attractive. For example, some people may be attracted to people with assertive and ambitious tendencies, while others may be more attracted to those who are empathetic and nurturing.

Furthermore, while the phrase “Opposites attract” gets thrown time and time again, it’s more often the case that people gravitate towards people with a similar likeness to themselves. This is because people feel more validated when they’re with someone with similar traits to them.

Regardless of your type, the closer someone is to your ideal partner, the higher the likelihood you have of being attracted to them.

4. Winning Someone Over

You don’t need to be instantly liked by your potential mate to be happy in a relationship. In fact, research has revealed that transforming an initial negative impression into a positive one can lead to increased satisfaction in relationships.

This process indicates the genuine feelings and authenticity of a partner, which brings even greater joy and fulfillment.

5. Cultural and Social Factors

Cultural norms, values, and societal standards of beauty can greatly impact our definition of attractiveness.

Different cultures have diverse ideals and preferences when it comes to physical appearance, fashion, and even body size. These cultural influences can influence what we find appealing in a potential partner.

For instance, in Western cultures like the United States and Europe, there is often a preference for thinner body types, lighter skin tones, and specific facial features like a slim face and small nose.

However, in cultures like Nigeria and Samoa, larger body sizes are celebrated as symbols of beauty and prosperity.

Depending on where you’re born, you may find yourself shaping your attraction similar to your environment’s ideal beauty standard.

Different Sexual Orientations

While heterosexuality is the most common type of sexual orientation, people’s romantic orientation and sexual behaviors are vast and varied.

This is a normal occurrence—and it often stems from a complex interplay of genetic and environmental influences.

Here are some sexual orientations that some people possess:

  • Heterosexuality: Attraction to individuals of the opposite sex.
  • Homosexuality: Attraction to individuals of the same sex.
  • Bisexuality: Attraction to both males and females.
  • Pansexuality: Attraction to individuals regardless of their gender identity.
  • Asexuality: Little or no sexual attraction towards others

People experience sexual attraction differently, and the sexual orientations above provide a glimpse of different sexualities people may have.

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