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The Research Behind Why RestoreWave Works

the research behind why restorewave works erectile dysfunction

When you consider treatments for erectile dysfunction (ED), prescription ED pills, penile devices, and invasive surgery may be the first options that come to mind.

While they’re extremely popular options, there’s one more form of ED treatment that many mistakenly overlook: a non-surgical treatment called RestoreWave or shockwave therapy.

This form of treatment uses low-level laser therapy to repair damaged tissue in the penis. It’s considered a safe, non-invasive, and painless procedure that stimulates the blood flow to treat erectile dysfunction.

By promoting increased blood flow to the penis, RestoreWave therapy can help restore function and cure erectile dysfunction.

If you’re suffering from ED or are looking to maintain your sexual health and wellness, RestoreWave therapy may be able to help you.

How Does RestoreWave Therapy Work?

One of the major reasons why RestoreWave Therapy is so effective is because it addresses erectile dysfunction at its root cause: damaged or blocked blood vessels.

If there’s any blockage in the penis preventing adequate blood flow, an erection cannot occur. This is where RestoreWave Therapy can help.

How it works: a wand-like device is moved in various parts of the penis. By moving the device around, the device uses light to break down plaque deposits to allow blood flow to re-enter the tissue, allowing for an erection. This is done with low-intensity acoustic waves emanating from a low-level laser that goes deep into the tissue, stimulating healing at the molecular level.

This process triggers neovascularization in the penis—or the formation of new blood vessels around the affected areas. These newly formed blood vessels allow for better circulation and blood flow throughout the penis, helping you achieve a healthy and rigid erection.

Compared to Viagra, Cialis, Levitra, and other prescription pills that have surprising side effects, RestoreWave therapy can work regardless of your medical history. The ideal frequency to undergo treatment, based on a recent review, is twice weekly for 3 weeks, then 3 weeks with no treatments, then another 3 weeks with twice-weekly treatments.

Who is RestoreWave Treatment For?

how restorewave therapy works and who is treatment suitable for

If you fit any of the categories below, you are eligible to take RestoreWave treatment:

  1. If you have Peyronie’s Disease
  2. If you’re looking to improve your sexual performance in bed.
  3. If you have erectile dysfunction

Additionally, unlike prescription pills, your medical history doesn’t affect what you should or shouldn’t take. Men with the following disorders have been successfully treated with shockwave therapy.

If you’re interested to learn more about RestoreWave and shockwave therapy, consult ED medical professionals in Orlando to help you jumpstart your journey towards sexual wellness.

What Do Studies Say About RestoreWave Therapy?

The RestoreWave machine has been tested and approved by several different medical experts. Research conducted on this form of therapy has generally been abundant and positive.

For instance, the aforementioned review has linked an improvement in erectile function with shockwave therapy, particularly in patients diagnosed with vasculogenic ED.

Another study has also linked shockwave treatment with improvements in erectile function and the ability to achieve an erection. This research was conducted in a 6-month period, and follow-up research has shown that the 20 male participants didn’t claim to have any side effects following the treatment.

A study of 112 men with ED revealed that 57% of participants who had continuous LI-ESWT (low-intensity extracorporeal shockwave therapy) treatment were able to achieve a hard erection after a few treatments. Conversely, 78% of those who took a placebo therapy in the same study reported that they felt no change or improvement in their erectile dysfunction with a similar time frame.

A study led by Ilan Gruenwald has supported the effectiveness of shockwave therapy as a means to rehabilitate erectile tissue. The findings of this research have acknowledged the capacity of RestoreWave treatment to improve a man’s penile hemodynamics. The researchers of the study also addressed their position, stating that this type of therapy is a feasible and successful long-term medical remedy for sexual dysfunction in men.

Can RestoreWave Cure Peyronie’s Disease?

Shockwave therapy not only helps treat erectile dysfunction, but it may also help improve Peyronie’s disease symptoms.

Peyronie’s disease is a disorder that affects men and can cause curvature of the penis and pain while having sex. Due to a buildup of scar tissue in the penis, this condition may lead to penile shortening and other forms of sexual dysfunction that may drastically sever a man’s sex life.

After 12 weeks, patients with Peyronie’s Disease reported significant improvements in their quality of life following shockwave therapy, according to a study published by the European Association of Urology. In contrast, participants placed in a placebo group showed little to no improvement in their erectile function.

Is RestoreWave FDA-Approved?

RestoreWave is an off-label non-surgical, non-invasive treatment option.

While RestoreWave has not received FDA approval as a treatment for ED to date, many doctors across the country have been utilizing the non-invasive procedure to treat sexual dysfunction in men for years.

However, just like any other unapproved treatment, the RestoreWave runs the risk of possessing unknown side effects that have yet to be fully realized. There’s also a lack of insurance coverage for this treatment method due to it being considered off-label.

That said, however, published research has shown promise for this treatment option, which is why many men who have been searching for a way to treat ED without surgery or medication are turning towards RestoreWave.

Consult Orlando’s Top ED Clinic about RestoreWave Treatment Options Today

consult orlando's top ed clinic about restorewave treatment options

While RestoreWave is considered a lesser-known treatment for erectile dysfunction, many men with erectile dysfunction are optimistic about its potential.

To date, the FDA has approved only a few treatments for erectile dysfunction. This includes topical drugs, medication, and penile devices to mechanically stretch or maintain an erection.

With further research, it’s only a matter of time before RestoreWave becomes more widespread and approved as a treatment for ED.

If you’re a man who’s experienced erectile dysfunction and want an alternative solution, speak with a doctor about RestoreWave.

The medical professionals at Premier Men’s Medical Center in Orlando specialize in treating conditions that impact men’s health. Our concierge approach positions your unique case at the centerpoint of our focus. We don’t just give you a pill for ED and send you on your way. We treat the underlying issues that led to conditions such as ED, Low Testosterone, PE, and more. Contact our office today to schedule an appointment.

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