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Poor Circulation? 7 Ways to Improve Blood Circulation

Poor Circulation Ways to Improve Blood Circulation exercise quit smoking massage

Blood circulation is an essential bodily process that facilitates the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to different parts of the body, including the limbs, organs, and tissues. The arteries and veins carry oxygen-rich blood throughout the body, and when circulation is working properly, this makes your body healthier and your mind sharper.

However, when the arteries are blocked up due to the build-up of fat and cholesterol in the body, this process naturally becomes impeded. This can reduce the volume of blood that passes through your vessels, and consequently, decrease the amount of oxygen that reaches your organs and tissues.

If you’re dealing with poor circulation, there are several things you can do to improve your situation. Here are some of the most effective strategies to increase blood flow, from making lifestyle adjustments to taking medical treatments.

1. Get a Calming Massage

Nothing’s better for poor circulation than a good, old-fashioned massage. Not only is it a great way to cap off a stressful day, but studies have shown that massages can increase blood circulation by promoting relaxation in the muscles and stimulating the circulatory system.

For instance, frequently having a massage can make you experience increased vasodilation, or the dilation of blood vessels—allowing for more blood to flow through the body. In addition, massage also helps reduce inflammation, a major contributor to blocked arteries and poor circulation.

Massage has also been found to promote capillarization or the development of new tiny blood vessels.

2. Quit Smoking

You should know by now that smoking has terrible consequences for your health. From lung cancer to wrinkled skin, the long-term effects of smoking are abundant.

But did you know that smoking is also one of the leading causes of poor circulation? That’s because the chemicals in cigarettes damage the endothelial cells or the cells that line your blood vessels.

This not only increases your risk of developing atherosclerosis (a build-up of plaque in your arteries), but it also reduces the elasticity of your vessels, making it harder for your body to pump blood efficiently.

3. Exercise Regularly

Speaking of pumping blood, one of the best ways to improve circulation is to get your heart pumping by regularly exercising.

When you exercise, your body responds by increasing your heart rate and widening your blood vessels. This allows for more blood to flow through your body, and as a result, better circulation.

Plus, regular exercise has been shown to lower cholesterol levels, which is a major factor in poor circulation.

You don’t have to go all-out and run a full-length marathon to start seeing results. Even a 15-minute brisk walk every day can make a big difference. However, many experts say that people should gun for at least 150 minutes of exercise each week.

4. Eat a Diet Rich in Omega-3

Eat a Healthy Diet Rich in Omega 3

Eating a healthy diet has a direct and long-lasting impact on getting your blood pumping. Unhealthy fats—such as trans fats and saturated fats—can cause plaque to accumulate in your arteries.

On the other hand, eating a diet rich in healthy fats like omega-3 can be beneficial in improving oxygenation. Omega-3 helps slow down the build-up of plaque in your arteries, making it easier for healthy blood flow to circulate through the body.

The Omega-3 nutrient can be found in a variety of foods, such as:

  1. Salmon
  2. Mackarel
  3. Herring
  4. Oysters
  5. Flaxseed
  6. Sardines
  7. Walnuts
  8. Soy

Be sure to include at least one of these omega-3-rich foods in your diet each day to prevent diseases like erectile dysfunction and atherosclerosis.

5. Use Compression Gear

If you have poor circulation, one simple and effective way to improve blood flow is to wear compression gear.

Compression gear is a type of clothing that helps promote circulation by constricting the extremities. This helps to push blood back up to the heart, where it can be recirculated throughout the body.

Blood clots and peripheral artery disease are some common side effects of poor circulation, so wearing compression gear can also help to prevent these from forming.

6. Take a Hot Bath

If you’re looking for a relaxing way to improve circulation, reward yourself by taking a nice, warm bath.

When you soak in hot water, your blood vessels dilate and allow for higher blood flow. This helps to reduce inflammation and muscle tension, both of which can lead to poor circulation.

In addition, engaging in forms of heat therapy can also help improve vascular function, reduce blood pressure, and prevent stroke. This is not only limited to having a nice bath—lounging in a steamy sauna or a bubbling Jacuzzi can also promote similar effects.

So if you’re ever feeling a bit lethargic and fatigued, go ahead and let loose with a hot bathtub session.

7. Manage Your Stressors

We may have scoffed aloud when hearing the phrase “Stress can kill” before. But in reality, stress can affect your life negatively.

Chronic stress can lead to several health problems, including:

When you’re constantly stressed, your body goes into “fight or flight” mode due to an increase in cortisol production. This causes your heart rate and blood pressure to rise, which can eventually cause strain in your system and lead to poor circulation.

If you find yourself feeling stressed regularly, it’s important to find ways to decrease stress to improve blood vessel function. This can be anything from practicing yoga and meditation to journaling and spending time in nature.

Consult Orlando’s Leading Men’s Wellness Center to Improve Blood Circulation

Consult Orlando’s Leading Men’s Wellness Center to Improve Blood Circulation

Enhancing poor blood circulation can have a profound impact on your overall health and well-being, as well as provide sexual health benefits for men struggling with blood circulation issues such as erectile dysfunction.

If you’re dealing with poor circulation, don’t hesitate to try some of the strategies listed above. There are many lifestyle changes you can follow to stimulate blood flow effectively, and the strategies above are a few of the most notable ones you can try.

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