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How Low Testosterone Therapy Supports Healthy Weight Loss

does testosterone make you lose weight and help weight loss

Testosterone and weight loss: Does one impact the other?

In fact, having low testosterone makes it harder to lose weight. It’s true. There’s an 11-year study that followed the progress of men that received testosterone replacement injections. Those who did lost 20% of their body weight on average. And those in the group who didn’t participate gained around 4% of their body weight.

Another study shows that men who received testosterone lost 20% of their body weight as well.

And with the US obesity prevalence at 42.4% (2017-2018), it’s clear that a lot of folks need help getting rid of excess fat and bringing their weight down to a healthier number to avoid more serious problems like type 2 diabetes.

So yes, testosterone treatment might be the key in combination with proper diet and exercise. 

But what is low testosterone therapy to begin with? How does it work? Is it safe?

We’ll answer all of these questions and more. If you’ve always wanted to lose weight but feel like you couldn’t, low testosterone therapy might be the solution you’re looking for.

The Testosterone Weight Loss Connection, Explained

A man’s testosterone level goes down as he gets older. In fact, 1 out of 4 men over the age of 30 has low testosterone — that’s bad news. Testosterone plays a huge role in our body’s development. It’s responsible for a number of functions like building muscles and growing facial hair.

But more importantly, testosterone aids the body’s metabolism. 

With less testosterone, you’ll feel little to no energy to do everyday activities. Even your sex drive gets affected. And yes, you’ll most likely increase your body fat.

So one answer to obesity is increasing testosterone levels. And luckily, a man’s testosterone increases as they lose fat. However, some need an extra boost of testosterone to jumpstart the weight loss process.

That’s where low testosterone therapy jumps in.

Obese men can undergo testosterone replacement therapy to normalize their testosterone levels and get a few inches off their waist and even build muscle mass.

Methods to Raise Testosterone Levels and Burn Belly Fat

Many doctors recommend low testosterone therapy to immediately correct your T levels. In addition to medical methods, there are natural methods that will support your doctor’s treatments. The list includes:

  • Taking Supplements: Taking vitamin D supplements can normalize your testosterone levels.
  • Doing Strength Training: Some studies show that you can raise your testosterone through strength training.
  • Getting More Sleep: Not getting enough sleep can decrease your testosterone production.
  • Changing Your Diet: Eating more foods that are rich in zinc can help normalize testosterone levels.
  • Eliminating Stress: Your body produces cortisol, a hormone that suppresses testosterone, when you’re stressed.

Even when you’re taking a natural approach to address testosterone deficiency, it’s still best to consult a doctor prior to making any dramatic lifestyle changes.

increasing testosterone levels burning fat

You want to make sure that your body can handle a massive lifestyle change like developing a new diet or strength training, especially if your body isn’t used to it. Sustained weight loss might also be dangerous if not monitored correctly.

Treating Low Testosterone and Erectile Dysfunction

Another advantage of low testosterone therapy is that it addresses erectile dysfunction (ED). If you suffer from ED and your doctor says that your body isn’t producing enough testosterone, you could wind up getting a testosterone shot.

Bringing your testosterone level back to normal can treat your ED.

However, if your ED is caused by other physiological or psychological factors, then testosterone therapy might not be the ideal treatment to take. It’s also not advisable if your testosterone levels are already normal.

If your testosterone is normal and you can’t get your penis erect, you could ask an erectile dysfunction physician for a consultation and diagnosis. 

Having low testosterone can still lead to type 2 diabetes, obesity, and heart disease — all conditions that eventually lead to impotence.

So whatever the case, you should still do everything you can to get your testosterone on a normal level.

Is Testosterone Replacement Therapy for Low T Safe?

Yes, testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is completely safe.

In fact, it’s preferable to other invasive weight loss options. Testosterone replacement therapy may appear new but it’s been around for quite some time now.

Testosterone therapy such as an injection is not only used for weight loss. If a patient suffers from hypogonadism or other testosterone-related conditions, that person could legally receive a shot or treatment. In some cases, it’s also used for men with erectile dysfunction.

safety of therapy for testosterone and weight loss on TRT

And testosterone therapy doesn’t have to be administered through injections. There are supplements, skin patches, or creams that can have similar benefits. 

We should note, however, that all injections must be done under medical supervision.

And you’ll still need to do physical activities and find the right diet to maximize the weight loss potential. You can’t live a sedentary lifestyle even after receiving testosterone shots otherwise you risk staying overweight or obese.

Low Testosterone Therapy (TRT) May Support Weight Loss

Prevention is better than cure.

While testosterone levels drop naturally as men age, there are other reasons why your body could produce less testosterone. 

Some of these are unavoidable such as taking medications for other diseases. But there are also lifestyle changes you could make to make sure your body is always producing the right amount.

Easing up on alcohol consumption is one of the ways you could prevent low testosterone. Regular exercise is another. Wearing a cup to avoid trauma to the testes will also prevent it. 

If you’re a type 2 diabetic, keeping your condition in control will help your body maintain the right amount of testosterone. If you don’t, your testosterone might plummet.

Exposure to radiation can also affect testosterone levels.

If you’re taking medications like hormones used to treat prostate cancer or steroids, talk to your doctor about possible alternatives that wouldn’t affect your testosterone production.

If you’re starting to see symptoms like low sex drive, ED, depression, fatigue, irritability, and loss of muscle strength, consult a medical professional right away. You just might be in need of low testosterone therapy. Your doctor will know if that is the case.

Call the team at Premier Men’s Medical Center in Orlando today to schedule an appointment to have a consultation with their experienced and specially trained medical staff. We are Orlando’s leading men’s clinic providing testosterone therapy, ED therapy, PE therapy, hormone therapy, and much more.

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