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How Frequent Sex May Help You Clear Kidney Stones

How Frequent Sex May Help You Clear Kidney Stones

Men, don’t deny it, sexual intercourse is almost always a good time. It’s consensually fun and often comes with the perk of ensuring the continuity of our kind.

That said, sex isn’t just for reproduction and pleasure; it has other surprising benefits too. And these benefits are not as obvious as you may be led to believe. 

What we’re talking about is the fact that frequent sex can help you pass kidney stones.

As strange as the connection may seem, there’s a shared overlap between frequent sex and your kidneys passing stones.

Curious why? Read on to find out more about how performing sexual intercourse can help pass small stones in your kidneys. Also, learn what lifestyle habits to adopt to decrease the risk of kidney stones.

Let’s jump right into it.

What Are Kidney Stones?

Kidney stones are crystallized waste products that the kidneys can form when there is too much blood waste and not enough urine. 

These stones can come in various shapes and sizes, and individuals can form multiple stones at the same time that can potentially clump together and form a larger stone.

The byproducts of kidney stones typically consist of waste products in the urine, such as calcium, oxalate, and phosphorus. When they get too big, they can obstruct the urinary tract and cause sharp pain when a person wants to urinate. 

While some kidney stones are small enough to pass on their own, many kidney stones get stuck in the urinary tract. These kidney stones are called distal urethral stones and would require emergency assistance. 

The Warnings Signs of Kidney Stones

Kidney stones aren’t visibly seen, but they can be felt through a variety of different symptoms.

These symptoms include the following:

  • Belly pain or pain at the side of the back
  • Testicular pain in men
  • Chills
  • Fever
  • Abnormal urine color
  • Nausea and vomiting

If you suspect that you have a kidney stone, you’ll want to be attended to by a licensed physician immediately. 

These medical professionals will scan your body using an X-ray or CT scan to determine the number and size of the stones and subsequently prescribe you a treatment plan, such as extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy (ESWL).

The Evidence on Regular Sex Helping Pass Kidney Stones

warning signs and evidence for treating kidney stones

One study conducted by Turkish researchers in a research hospital randomly divided three groups of patients: one was tasked to have sex three to four times a week, another was given a dose of tamsulosin, and the last group was given standard medical therapy alone.

The mean stone sizes of the group were 4.7 ± 0.8 mm for the first group, 5 ± 1 mm for the second group, and 4.9 ± 0.8 mm for group 3.

After 2 and 4 weeks, the expulsion rate was recorded. 

In the group where people had sex four times a week, there was an 83.9% rate of small kidney stone expulsion after the period. 

This was higher than the expulsion rates of the group who took tamsulosin and standard therapy, which is 47.6% and 34.8% respectively. 

From this research, it can be extrapolated that men with small kidney stones who engaged in frequent sex at least three times a week with a sexual partner had a higher chance of having a spontaneous passage of their kidney stones.

Now, the next question: why can kidney stones be passed sexually in the first place?

How Frequent Sex Helps Remove Kidney Stones: The Explanation

There are two factors in play when you pass your kidney stones during sexual intercourse. In summary, these are ureteral peristalsis stimulation and increased urine flow.

When you achieve an orgasm, your body undergoes a series of strong contractions. These contractions bump against the ureteral wall and the bladder with a pressure of up to 50–100 mm Hg.

When this happens, any small stone lying in wait in the kidneys or urinary tract can get washed out and pass through the urethra due to the contractions dislodging them. 

This won’t happen if it’s a large stone formation, but orgasmic movements can help push out smaller stones and inhibit larger stone growth.

Another way sex helps in removing kidney stones is by increasing the need to urinate after sex. This habit not only helps decrease the risk of UTIs, but it can potentially help flush out any stones that are present in the lower parts of the urethra or the bladder.

When you have sex regularly, you can promote enough movement in your bladder and urethra to pass distal ureteral stones more easily than normal.

Treating Kidney Stones: 4 Home Remedies

While going to the doctor’s is the best way to treat kidney stones, you can also adopt lifestyle changes to improve your condition in the comfort of your own home.

Here are some home remedies you can consider doing to improve your condition:

  1. Hydrate regularly: Drink enough water per day to keep your pee transparent and clear. Drinking healthy beverages can help you recover from kidney stones too, in more ways than one.
  2. Reduce sodium intake: Refrain from eating too much sodium and salty foods, like chips.
  3. Limit protein: Avoid going over 2.0 grams for every kilogram of your body weight daily.
  4. Avoid high-oxalate foods: Stop eating spinach, beets, rhubarb, and potatoes.

Of course, on top of that, be sure to check with your doctor for more accurate testing and better tailor-fit advice. Some doctors may prescribe health tips and medication to help you better cope with the problem. 

However, in severe cases, you’ll need to undergo invasive surgery like a ureteroscope insertion in your urethra.

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Get Expert Men’s Health Treatment at Orlando Florida’s Best Medical Men’s Center

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However, with the right treatment, it’s possible for you to rise above the condition and consequently achieve better sex.

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