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ED Rings: 6 Reasons to Avoid Constriction Rings for Erectile Dysfunction

ED Rings Reasons to Avoid Constriction Rings for Erectile Dysfunction

Constriction rings, ED rings, penis rings…regardless of what you call them—they all are marketed to serve the same purpose: to increase pleasure for you and your partner.

These circulated devices are often found in sex toy shops alongside anal beads, butt plugs, and the like. More specifically, ED rings are designed to be wrapped around the penis and help maintain blood flow to the penis and sustain an erection.

While constriction rings can be a useful tool for some, there are several instances when ED rings do more harm than good to their wearer. And we don’t just mean getting the ring stuck on your shaft.

Let’s learn more about these devices, what issues they present, and what other options are available.

How Do Constriction Rings Work?

Constriction rings are placed around the base of the erect penis during sexual intercourse to prevent blood from escaping the penis.

These rings are made up of loops of flexible, elastic materials with a quick-release mechanism that allows the constriction to loosen up and the ring to be removed.

They come in various forms. Some common types include:

  • Tension rings
  • Adjustable cock rings
  • Vibrating cock rings
  • Stretchy cock rings
  • Solid cock rings

The components are constructed of soft, pliable materials that are produced to not irritate or cause adverse tissue reactions on the skin. They’re specially designed to have a smooth shape with minimal protrusions for the user and partner.

When an erection can be achieved but not sustained, constriction rings may be used alone, or they can be used in conjunction with vacuum pumps to aid patients to sustain an erection.

Top Reasons to Avoid Constriction Rings for ED

avoid ED rings peyronie’s bruise penis penile strangulation alternatives

Despite the promise of pleasure, these rings aren’t long-term solutions to patients with ED.

Here are the reasons why constriction rings may be better off staying on the shelves than in your household.

1. It’s Not Intended for Continuous Use

If you plan to be intimate with your partner all night long, constriction rings may cut your time short.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) heavily encourages limiting the use of the constriction to no more than 30 minutes at a time. If you go much longer, you risk causing lasting damage to your penis due to excessive constriction.

Even if you don’t plan on having sexual intercourse for hours on end, it’s undeniable that putting a time restriction on your moments of intimacy reduces your enjoyment. It’s also inconvenient to have to remind yourself to remove your cock ring in the middle of sex. You’d like sex to be as friction-free and delightful as possible, and cock rings get in the way of that.

Constriction rings may allow users to experience pleasure in the short term, sure, but they’re not ideal long-term solutions to treat erectile dysfunction.

2. It May Exacerbate Peyronie’s Disease

Peyronie’s disease is a condition where the penis curves due to the formation of scar tissue, usually causing pain and deformity.

Peyronie’s disease affects from 0.3% to 13.1% of the male population. Despite its prevalence, it is frequently underreported since many men are embarrassed to discuss issues of a sexual nature.

Some types of cock rings can be heavy and damage the penile structure, leading to irreparable nerve damage. The abnormality in the penile anatomy of males with Peyronie’s disease can also render the ED ring useless.

This is especially true for men suffering from severe Peyronie’s disease, as their penile structure may be so severely compromised that a cock and ball ring may inadvertently worsen their condition instead of healing it.

If you have erectile dysfunction or Peyronie’s disease, it’s best to discuss your condition with a licensed doctor first. This way, you’ll be able to identify the severity of your condition and figure out how to treat it best.

Oftentimes, a medical professional may recommend PD exercises to kickstart the healing process.

3. It May Worsen Priapism

Another condition that can be aggravated by a vibrating cock ring is priapism, which is a prolonged erection that can last for several hours or even days.

This condition is a rare adverse effect of ED drugs. It does not develop as a result of natural sexual arousal. Priapism can be extremely painful and may require immediate medical intervention to resolve.

Because of its time-based nature, it might be difficult to spot priapism when it occurs. By wearing an ED ring, you may inadvertently worsen your ability to maintain erections and cause permanent damage.

4. It May Bruise the Penis

Due to the constricting nature of the device, bruising may occur when wearing ED rings. This can cause the penis to swell and become visibly bruised, causing pain and tearing.

In some cases, the bruises could become so severe that they cause petechiae, a condition in which blood vessels leak into your skin.

5. It Can Cause Penile Strangulation

Penile strangulation occurs when you use ill-fitting equipment. This is a form of medical emergency when constricting devices compress the penis and lead to a wide range of vascular and mechanical injuries.

While some cases are mild and can be easily resolved after decompression measures, some cases may be more extreme and impair renal function permanently. The simplest approach is to avoid using ED rings altogether.

6. It Comes With Higher STI Risks

While most individuals use their sex toys in a safe and sanitary manner, it’s not uncommon for some to not be cleaned correctly. When these sex instruments aren’t cleaned properly, they can transmit infections from person to person.

If you plan to use cock rings, make sure that they’re thoroughly washed and cleaned with soap and water. After that, wipe it dry with a damp cloth.

Alternatives to Constriction Rings for ED

Constriction rings aren’t the only option to treat erectile dysfunction and improve your sex life.

There are many clinically-approved methods to treat ED, including:

  1. Acoustic wave therapy (also known as shockwave therapy for ED)
  2. Topical gels and creams
  3. Testosterone therapy

Alternatively, applying lifestyle changes may also help improve symptoms of ED. This includes:

  1. Better exercise routine
  2. Customized lifestyle program
  3. A libido-boosting diet
  4. Avoiding vices like alcohol and tobacco
  5. Uninterrupted, quality sleep (at least 7 hours a day)

Be sure to contact an ED doctor before getting treatment so that they can identify the root cause of your condition.

Consult Orlando’s Top Erectile Dysfunction Clinic for a Medical Consultation

Consult Orlando’s Top Erectile Dysfunction Clinic for a Medical Consultation

A penis ring can add a new dimension of pleasure in the bedroom, but it’s not without its health risks.

If you want to avoid these health risks while still having a good time in bed, consider undergoing clinically approved ED treatments.

For men struggling with erectile dysfunction (ED) or premature ejaculation (PE), call the team at Premier Men’s Medical Center in Orlando now to schedule an appointment to have a consultation with their experienced and specially trained medical staff. We are Central Florida’s leading men’s clinic providing ED therapy, PE therapy,Acoustic Wave therapy, hormone therapy, and much more.

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