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3 Warning Signs of Low Testosterone

Low testosterone (Low-T) is an increasing problem, affecting more and more adult
men with every year and with every generation. If you feel you are at risk for
Low-T, we advise that you make yourself aware of symptoms and warning signs that
can show up during or preceding low testosterone levels. Below are three signs
that you should look out for.

1. Change in Sleep Patterns

If you are having trouble sleeping, or trouble staying asleep, it may be related
to lower levels of testosterone. There may also be a developer of insomnia and
other irregularities of your sleep patterns. If you have sleep apnea, Low-T can
worsen your condition. Please come into our facilities for a consultation if you
are showing these symptoms.

2. Sexual Changes

Symptoms can show in this category in a number of ways. You may feel like your
sex drive (libido) has diminished, and your desire for sex is weakened and less
frequent. Or that you have trouble getting or maintaining an erection before or
during sex, or with having random erections. An example of random erections is
erections while you sleep. All of these symptoms, separately or in any
combination, are classical signs of Low-T. It should be noted that Low-T is not
the only causing factor of decreased sex drive and erectile dysfunction, and you
should see our consultants about these issues as well. With Low-T, you may also
find a decrease in semen volume or a decrease in sperm count and fertility.

3. Physical Changes

Those diagnosed with Low-T often find themselves experiencing body changes such
as reduced muscle bulk. Another change experienced is increased body fat, either
drastic or sudden. You may also find yourself fatigued, have mood changes and
other emotional shifts (such as lack of motivation), and even hair loss.
Especially if you are maintaining a healthy, fit lifestyle and find yourself
undergoing these changes, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with our

While low testosterone can be an uncomfortable topic, being open with your
doctor is the initial step towards finding treatment. If you’re
experiencing symptoms of low testosterone, call the team at Premier Men’s
Medical Center now to schedule an appointment to have a consultation with
their experienced and specially trained medical staff.
From HGH hormone therapy to erectile dysfunction treatment,
our team can help.

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